Why Work With Us?

The realities of increasing competition require us to adopt a human  capital management system that promotes agility and  diverse  competencies  in our workforce  to prepare them for business changed and its challenges.   Another priority of ours is to be an employer of choice who is able to attract, retain and develop top talents in  our organisation. To this end,  we provide plans  and  programmes that are aligned with    our  organisational   objectives and   plan  appropriately   for  short-term   and  long-term workforce needs based on anticipated organisational changes.

As  hiring  the  right  people  for  the  right  job  with  the right competency are the first step in this development  process,  every  year  we carry out a range of initiatives to hire qualified people to join  WORLDWIDE HOLDINGS BERHAD. The prospects  are  bright  for  those  who  seize  this opportunities  in  this active and dynamic organization.