Beneath the tall sky scrappers and massive townships that Worldwide Holdings Berhad is synonymous with, is a foundation of care and love. It has to be a strong one, for the entire business lies upon it. Yet it isn’t in the bricks and mortar that bears the weight of the business, but the gentle and often unnoticed gestures that form the pillars of our business.

Whether it is the grateful smile of a child whose lives we have changed, or the twinkle in the eye of an underprivileged, or the firm grip from a wrinkled hand of an ageing soul, these are small but powerful reminders of our bigger purpose in doing business, and in life.

Hence, corporate social responsibility is more than a corporate strategy; it is a way of life, a way of showing us that is beyond the facts and figures, the awards and the recognitions, the limelight and the praises, is a world that needs us to make it a better place.