worldwide holdings berhad Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy Statement


Worldwide Holdings Berhad and its Group of Companies is committed to applying the highest standard of integrity and ethical conduct in all business dealings and operations.

The Board of Directors and management of WHB with assistance by Compliance & Integrity Department are committed to implementing and enforcing effective policies and procedures to detect, prevent, monitor and eliminate bribery and corruption as the continual improvement of Corporate Integrity System (CIS).

WHB is committed to: –

  • Adopts a zero-tolerance approach towards bribery and corruption and will not

pay or receive bribes or corrupt gratification to or from anyone for any purpose.

  • Takes the upholding of its anti-bribery and corruption stances across the Company’s business seriously and expects the same from stakeholders internal and external to the Company’s business, extending to all the Company’s business dealings and operations
  • Directors, members of all committees, secretariat, suppliers, service providers, business associates, and any third parties working for and on behalf of the Company shall adhere to and observe the Company’s anti-bribery and corruption stances and relevant provisions of this Policy.
  • Treats any violation of this Policy seriously and will undertake necessary actions, including, but not limited to, review of employment or appointment, disciplinary actions, dismissal, and reporting to the authorities, consistent with the relevant laws and regulations.

WHB provides channel to disclose any improper conduct within WHB and its Group of Companies at whereby whistle-blower identity will be kept confidential and no parties may retaliate against individuals who reported in good faith as per Whistle-blower Protection Act 2010.

This policy statement shall be reviewed and updated periodically to be in compliance with the requirements of all applicable laws.