Each evening, keys are being turned and doors are being opened into homes that have been built by Worldwide Holdings. Whether is the happy smile of a child that welcomes them, or the comfortable sofa lounge that awaits them, the inhabitants living in a place built by Worldwide Holdings come home to a place they can find themselves- a place to rejuvenate, a place to slow down, a place to rest.

From sky scrappers that tower over the city to vast industrial parks to homes, Worldwide Holdings lay each brick with the kind of passion that has been fuelling us for the past twenty years.

Eco friendly elements will feature prominently in all our future developments. Our pride, the Menara Worldwide, is a standing testament to our Green Building Index (GBI) commitment.

Many of our most successful projects such as the SA7 which is our maiden development and one of the growth spots in Shah Alam, Desa Tun Razak which is our first industrial development completed in 1996, and the Worldwide Business Park which is a 3 block development along Federal Highway, stand proud as a clear demonstration of the kind of developments Worldwide Holdings is capable of achieving.

Fine quality, product innovation, sustainability and service excellence- these are just a few things you can expect from Worldwide Holdings Berhad.