SOME of us work our entire lives searching for a reward to invest in. These investments can come in the form of buying cars, via retail therapy or even in indulging on holidays.

However, for those that love to spend time at home, the true reward is investing in a property that can be enjoyed by both the property buyer, as well as the rest of the family.

Such a home should entwine the aspects of calming surroundings and architecture, which keeps in mind the importance of spatial generosity within a home.

Dedicated to buyers of the Gen-X cohort, homes offered within Amber are designed for multi-generational families, showcasing a large guest bedroom, which can optionally be converted into a future master suite.

The key theme adapted across the architecture of this unique property parcel is that each home owns large flexible spaces to cater to the ever-changing lifestyles of individual future property owners of Ambers’ premier estate.

The layouts crafted by the architect of this property translates from the hard work that had been put in to take advantage of the sweeping views unique to the terrain, gifting each home with maximal natural lighting and cross ventilation.

Anuar Aziz Architect, has designed 41 spacious homes that are separated into four layouts.

These include 12 units of Type I bungalows, 19 units of Type II residences, nine units of Type III homes with lifts and a singular home under the Type IV layout, for one discerning buyer.

Type I and II homes offer five-plus-one bedrooms and six-plus-one bathrooms, while Type III and IV bungalows are presented with six-plus-one bedrooms and seven-plus-one bathrooms.

These low-dense units featuring just six units to an acre, will be sold from RM2,759,217 upward and is targeted to launch next month by Worldwide Holdings Bhd.

“Amber is built in line with Qlassic Standards, implementing a minimum score of 80%,” said Worldwide Holdings Bhd general manager and property division head Rosli Ismail.

Quality is instilled at the very core of each home, as each home within the Amber parcel uses fully insulated gable roofs and overhangs, and a combination of finishes such as timber panelling and normal rendering.

In addition, large openings constructed for natural lighting and optimum ventilation are enhanced with powder coated aluminium and tinted glass, to minimize glare caused by the rays of the sun.

The west facing facades are given the highest priority, in terms of the usage of sun shading elements.

As one would take a walk inside these mammoth homes, you will notice the usage of a combination of porcelain tiles installed on the lower floors, while the upper levels of each residence are finished with warm timber flooring.

The surfaces of external decks as well as fencing, incorporate fiber timber composite, a green and sustainable building material that ultimately provides an exquisite effect.

Spatial play is used with the creation of layouts for the homes offered within Amber, using the inter-play of double-volume spaces, voids, self-shading as well as the shading of external spaces.

Thus, to maximise the experience of ease and tranquillity, some units within the parcel offer panoramic views right from the living room, while other residences within the estate provide internal gardens, allowing for ample natural lighting and breeze, without compromise on privacy.

Adding to that, some of the master bedrooms of these bungalows are attached to private terraces for one to relax and unwind.

This distinct parcel also comes with certain features that make it stand out from the rest. These homes actively reduce the global carbon footprint, via the incorporation of a rain water harvesting system as well as solar panels installed to water heaters for all residences within Amber.

Encouraging communal living, the estate will also incorporate some facilities such as an integrated playground, a multipurpose court, gazebo and a reflexology path. This exclusive development is also guarded. For more information about this prestigious development, please contact Worldwide Holdings Bhd at 03-92120402