Our People, Our Asset

After more than three decades in business, our strategic diversification growth plan has led us to focusing on four core businesses - Property Development, Environmental Management Services, Medical Devices and Energy.

As we thrive to be a leading conglomerate and continue delivering high quality, reliable and cost-effective products and services, our people remain as our most valuable asset.

Best Company to Work For Digital Transformation Award KWSP MIHRM

Transforming Our Culture

Our workplace diversity requires synergy in which we gain via frequent engagement and activities such as staff assembly to continuously remind them of their crucial role in achieving our common purpose.

Pivoting on our corporate values, with our People Transformation Blueprint serving as the roadmap, we accelerated our human capital development by creating great values for our employees because we strongly believe in them being the driving force that propel us forward.

Caring for Our People

We periodically review and benchmark our salary structure to ensure our package remains competitive, attractive and able to retain the best talents we can afford, with the addition of performance-based remuneration to recognize contributions of high-performers.

Simple but meaningful gestures such as family days, annual dinners, long service awards etc. also contribute towards employees’ sense of belonging.

Work-Life Balance

Our dedicated recreation floor, Arena KSR hosts various sports facilities for our employees to stay fit and active, on top of the various social, sports and recreation activities organised by our Sports and Recreational Club (KSR).

We also hold various talks and programs on non-work-related issues, health, and wellness to boost knowledge, promote self-care and infuse the spirit of teamwork in our people.

Our Innovation Journey

Understanding the critical need for innovation and digitilization to enhance our workflow, we developed a solid framework that focuses on process automation and adoption of innovation and data-driven culture to replace our conventional practices.

These initiatives include the organization of Worldwide Innovation Award competition, development of online systems, digitization of data, cloud applications and big data in phases, which in turn contribute towards continuous improvement, cost-optimization, environmental sustainability, speed of processes and better decision-making.

Building Leaders of Tomorrow

Our people are provided with on-the-job learning opportunities, aided by necessary tools and resources to maximize their potential as well as promote personal and career development. Our efforts include internal and external training, upskilling and certifying our people to empower them to drive our continuous growth.

We also offer internship and practical training to students under our Internship Program as part of our talent development initiatives. In addition, we also establish a structured succession plan to ensure the organization is always ready with future leaders prepared to step up whenever necessary.


Worldwide Holdings Group of Companies invite individuals who are driven, dynamic and able to deliver real growth in a high-performance culture to join us, knowing that the quality of our human capital goes to the heart of our success.