Worldwide Holdings Berhad Worldwide Energy

04 Sep 2023


PULAU INDAH, July 17, 2023 — Pulau Indah Power Plant (PIPP), a proud subsidiary of Worldwide Holdings, celebrated a significant achievement in its ongoing commitment to safety excellence by reaching a remarkable milestone of 5 million safe man-hours without LTI (Lost Time Injury). The celebration was held in conjunction with an esteemed site visit by key stakeholders, including representatives from the Energy Commission (EC), Single Buyers, and the Ministry of National Resources, Environment and Climate Change (NRECC).

The event was graced by the honorable presence of Dato' Ir. Ts. Abdul Razib bin Dawood, Chief Executive Officer of the Energy Commission, who served as the guest of honor. Joining him were distinguished representatives from the Energy Commission, Single Buyers, and the Ministry of National Resources, Environment and Climate Change. The occasion was also marked by the attendance of Datin Paduka Norazlina Zakaria, the Group Chief Executive Officer of Worldwide Holdings and Chairman of PIPP alongside other chairmans of PIPP.

A pivotal moment of the celebration included a symbolic cake-cutting and plaque-signing ceremony, led by Dato' Ir. Ts. Abdul Razib, Datin Paduka Norazlina, and Dato’ Mahmud Bin Abbas, Chairman of PIPP. These actions served to commemorate not only the achievement of 5 million safe man-hours but also the collective dedication of PIPP and its commitment to fostering a culture of safety excellence.

Datin Paduka Norazlina Zakaria, lauded the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders in achieving this remarkable feat. She emphasized, "Safety is not just a priority but an integral part of our DNA. This achievement is a testament to the dedication, discipline, and diligence of every member of the PIPP family."

The event showcased PIPP's commitment to transparency and accountability in its operations. It provided an opportunity for key stakeholders to witness firsthand the safety protocols and practices implemented by the plant. The presence of esteemed representatives from EC, Single Buyers, and NRECC underscores the shared commitment to advancing safety standards in the power generation industry.

Pulau Indah Power Plant remains steadfast in its journey towards safety excellence and sustainability. The achievement of 5 million safe man-hours stands as a testament to the harmonious collaboration between PIPP, Worldwide Holdings, regulatory bodies, and industry partners. It sets a benchmark for the industry and reaffirms the commitment to protect the well-being of the workforce and the environment.