Worldwide Holdings Berhad Worldwide Energy

04 Sep 2023


BATANG KALI, August 19, 2023 –Worldwide Holdings Berhad (WHB) proudly hosted a heartwarming community engagement event titled "Majlis Ramah Mesra bersama Penduduk Orang Asli Kampung Sungai Songkok, Batang Kali, Hulu Selangor." This event brought together approximately 100 villagers from the Orang Asli community in Kampung Sungai Songkok, Batang Kali, Hulu Selangor.

The primary objective of this significant event was to introduce an upcoming project by Worldwide Energy, set to be constructed in close proximity to the cherished area of the Orang Asli community. WHB aimed to empower the villagers by providing them with crucial information about the forthcoming project and its potential implications on their environment, enabling them to make informed decisions that affect their community and way of life.

This initiative exemplified Worldwide Holdings Berhad's unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) as they not only shared information but also demonstrated their dedication to the well-being of the Orang Asli community. As part of the event, WHB provided essential food supplies and financial support to the villagers, further reinforcing their commitment to the community's welfare.

One of the highlights of the event was the distribution session of money packets and essential food supplies, which included rice, flour, cooking oil, and more. This heartwarming segment was led by Timbalan Yang Di Pertua Majlis Perbandaran Hulu Selangor, Tuan Awaluddin Bin Zakaria, and witnessed the presence of the Group Chief Executive Officer of Worldwide Holdings, Datin Paduka Norazlina Zakaria, emphasizing the importance and significance of this community engagement.

Datin Paduka Norazlina Zakaria stated, "At Worldwide Holdings Berhad, we believe in not only conducting business responsibly but also in actively contributing to the well-being of the communities where we operate. Our 'Majlis Ramah Mesra' event is a testament to our commitment to empowering and supporting the Orang Asli community. We are dedicated to fostering a strong partnership and ensuring that their voices are heard as we move forward with our project in the area."

WHB's community engagement in Kampung Sungai Songkok serves as a shining example of how corporate entities can engage responsibly with local communities, fostering goodwill and trust while ensuring that community interests are considered in future projects.