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29 Dec 2022

Worldwide Holdings’ Raw Water Treatment Plant and Waste Water Treatment Plant Projects Enter Commissioning Stage

Shah Alam, 12 July 2021 – Worldwide Holdings Berhad (“Worldwide Holdings”), a leader in environmental management service industry, is pleased to announce that the Raw Water Treatment Plant (“RWTP”) construction project and Waste Water Treatment Plant (“WWTP”) expansion project in Kuala Langat, Selangor for GS Paperboard & Packaging Sdn Bhd (the “client”) have completed construction stages and both projects are currently in the commissioning phase.

The RWTP and WWTP projects are awarded to Worldwide Holdings through its Project Management and Green Technology (PROTECH) Division and both projects commenced in September 2019. Below are the profiles of both projects:

  1. Raw Water Treatment Plant (RWTP)

The RWTP with a total capacity of 32,850m3/d (approximately 33 MLD)  abstracts raw water from Sungai Langat. The 33 MLD RWTP shall be sufficient to supply to all existing and new GSPP’s mills and associated facilities of co-generation (Co-gen) plant, with their existing supply from the Kuala Langat Power Plant (“KLPP”) water intake and treatment plant KLPP to be discontinued.

Contract value: RM42,725,796.77

Current stage: Commissioning

  1. Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)

 The existing waste water treatment plant at GSPP, Banting is being upgraded to treat waste water of total 28,950 m3/day. The type of waste water is the paper mill waste water with the continuous operation mode for 24 hours to be treated and to be re-used in the GSPP’s mills and facilities. The treatment system comprises of pre-treatment, chemical treatment, biological treatment system and tertiary treatment system to comply with the Environmental Quality (Industrial Effluents) Regulations, 2009 under Fifth Schedule and COD discharge standard for industrial effluent under [Seventh schedule, Regulation 12] of Standard A.

Contract value: RM53,471,338.36

Current stage: Commissioning


According to PROTECH Chief Operating Officer, Zamri Abdul Rahman, throughout the projects phases, Worldwide Holdings has been strict with the safety precautions, with safety officer being deployed at both sites. Weekly housekeeping activity, machinery and tools inspections are conducted weekly with all workers participating in daily and weekly toolbox meetings. Subcontractors are also roped into discussions related to health and safety.

He also added, “For WWTP, the discharged treated water follows Department of Environment (DOE)’s regulations and will be audited on quarterly basis by third party auditor selected by the DOE. To ensure this compliance is a success, we will be conducting various routines such as management of erosion and sediment control, scheduled waste and solid waste at the site. Monthly environmental training at each site will also be organized together with weekly environmental inspection on DOE’s Condition of Approval (COA) compliance.”

“These projects are expected to commence operation by the fourth quarter of this year. Looking ahead, we will seek to leverage our unique strengths and competitive edge to strengthen our Project Management portfolio as well as to make a greater contribution to the surrounding communities through green technologies. The success of these projects is a testament of our capabilities to undertake bigger projects such as the construction of Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plant.”


About Worldwide Holdings Berhad:

Worldwide Holdings Berhad is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS). It has grown into a successful conglomerate focusing on five main business: Property, Environment, Medical Device, Project Management and green technology, and energy. Worldwide Holdings today is widely recognised as the leader in environmental management service and one of the key players in the property development sector in the Klang Valley. Its Protech portfolio focuses on project management and construction, green technology development and sustainability, particularly the development of Malaysia’s first Integrated Solid Waste Management Centre (ISWMC) in Jeram, Selangor, which includes the development of the nation’s most modern and largest waste-to-energy (WTE) plant.


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Photos accompanying this announcement are as below:-


Pic 1: Aerial view of Raw Water Intake Plant


Pic 2: Aerial view of Raw Water Treatment Plant


Pic 3: Waste Water Treatment Plant clarifier motor inspection


Pic 4: Aerial view of Waste Water Treatment Plant