Worldwide Energy

29 Dec 2022

Pulau Indah Power Plant, Selangor

On March 13th this year, Worldwide Holdings Berhad signed the first Share Sale and Purchase Agreement (SSA) for 35% of share of Pulau Indah Power Plant with Maxim Global Berhad (formerly Tadmax Resources Berhad), and on the 27th November we signed another SSA for the purchase of another 40% share, making us the majority shareholder of the 1,200 MW Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant – a project that will become a major contributor to the economic growth of the state of Selangor and the larger Klang Valley.

Worldwide Holdings will collaborate with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KepCo), the other shareholder of the project, for the development of the power plant which is scheduled for operations by January 2024.

Pulau Indah Power Plant will position Worldwide Holdings Berhad as a key player in the Energy Industry.

Worldwide Holdings Berhad is also involved in other energy business, both thermal and renewable energy, namely biogas, solar and hydro.